Comment: Amazon Subsidizes US Patent Buffoonery. Well of stupidity.

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Amazon Subsidizes US Patent Buffoonery. Well of stupidity.

US Patent Office Fee Schedule: "Prior Art" or "Obvious" voids patent infringement claims; patenting stupidity is a tax on stupidity.

Does Intellectual Property need to include something intellectual?
The United States Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO) set some kind of new record for granting stupid patents. Apple ® is the proud new owner of not one, but two patents on “Slide to Unlock”. The Slide To Unlock patent numbers are 7,657,849 and 8,046,721, and now Apple, at least in the United States, is the only company allowed to sell touch-screen devices that unlock by touching that screen and moving your finger.

7,657,849 and 8,046,721 (Why are there two patent numbers assigned to this unbelievably obvious “no one invented anything” idea) are just examples of the US patents that do not protect anything. No protection:

  • You can’t patent an idea.
  • You can’t patent something obvious or non-unique (see: "You cannot patent "Stupid").
  • You can’t patent something that has been done before (“Prior Art”)

What’s described in 7,657,849 and 8,046,721 fly in the face of all three of those “can’t patent” tenets. By the rules that USPTO is supposed to follow, Slide to Unlock is even less patentable than Facebook’s Newsfeed Patent 7669123 or Amazon’s Patent 7739139 on Computer Networks.

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