Comment: Who Decides?

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Who Decides?

Who decides if one is a terrorist?

I say all those that live upright lives in the pursuit of excellence and by the natural law should decide what is best for them.

The government is incapable of knowing true liberty because the very nature of government is FORCE.

I say those that call the lovers of liberty TERRORISTS neither love nor seek true liberty...

In the beginning, we doubted the original source of our being (the voiceless voice in our heart)..As a result, we are now all subject to suggestions by the spoken word.

If you want to know why there is misery in the world, it is because we don't listen intuitively but by the power of suggestion from others, especially those that seek to rule.

One only needs to sit still and ponder that which is inside us all. By doing that one need not listen to anyone who calls themselves an authority...

I call this, living by faith not by any authority. Because all authority is nuts..