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yes! here is why....

before (and still today in some places) When you were 12 (and were big enough) you would drive. Many people stopped going to school at 12 and started working full time on the farm or where ever. They also started driving (once cars were available)

As far as vision tests, etc those came later, also. (obviously if a person was completely blind they would not drive)

Drunk driving? most people drank and drove. In fact the Constitution does not mention limiting freedom by measuring someone based on what they drink or how much. (Now if someone did drink and hurt someone, they should be help 100% RESPONSIBLE for their actions)

Pass a driving test? where does it say in order to be able to experience a certain amount of freedom to travel etc that a person must first pass a "test"? Does a person need a test to ride a horse? Nope. Could they do as much or more damage w/ that horse as with a car? YES.

The point here is that you are arguing this from the perspective that driving is a privilege, vs a right! If its a privilege , then your arguments stand, if its a right , then they don't.