Comment: Do remember the fact that a PR A bomb was threatened.

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Do remember the fact that a PR A bomb was threatened.

Could it have been the Kent Sorenson scandal orchestrated by Jesse Benton, his newsletters, his belief in a NWO that would have politically discredited him and his son from mainstream politics? We may never know. I personally think that Ron politically calculated the effects of all of the above on his campaign and Rand's future and judged that he should back off from fighting directly in order to spread the message to as many people as possible. And I know this will get a huge number of down votes, but in hindsight do you really think Ron Paul could have won with the media and the RNC fighting against him throughout the campaign? I don't believe he could, even if he went all out. After all, he was relying on us to win the caucuses as volunteers and didn't have the big money to win primaries like Romney.

The main point is that we can't judge his actions if we don't know his perspective or rationale.

Maybe when Rand becomes president he'll tell us!

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