Comment: More complex than you think, this is how it works...

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More complex than you think, this is how it works...

You can NOT "drive" without a "license". "Driving" is a privilege, "traveling" is a natural right (no such thing as a "constitutional right" as the Bill of Rights is a completely separate document than the Constitution which is why people sound like idiots to judges in court rooms yelling about "constitutional rights"). Privileges are given in exchange for rights, and can be taken away.

You contract your right to travel in your private automobile (conveyance is an even safer word than automobile) for the privilege to drive a motor vehicle. Look in your statutes for the definition of words like "driving" and "motor vehicle". Driving is a COMMERCIAL act. Traveling is a NON-COMMERCIAL act. The Federal government has the authority to regulate all interstate commerce, and can delegate that authority to the states. Once you sign that contract, you're on the hook until your DL expires or you turn that license back into the DMV and rescind your signature on the record.

Also, you do NOT own your car. The state does... registering transfers the true title to the car (MCOS - Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) to the state in exchange for an abstract of title and possession instead of true ownership rights. You can get the MCOS in some states if you buy a car outright with cash, but so long as you hold that title, you can NOT register the car (or forever lose the title), and you can NOT get license plates, NOR inspection sticker. A federal DOT number you can get... if the form is filled out properly.

The MCOS must them be put into a trust, so that the trust owns the car. One should NEVER own anything under one's name. May want to learn a thing or two from the Kennedys, Rockefellers, and the other families that run the entire world. Trusts, trusts, trusts. The government can NOT touch a private trust if done properly.

Even then, if you choose this lifestyle, you WILL still get harassed by cops. They do not know any better, nor are they trained to know any better. Be prepared to spend nights in jail, or worse. You'll need to know the law better than most lawyers, and it's doable... is your source, as well as

However, I do not recommend this lifestyle to anyone really, unless you're already just about completely off the grid.