Comment: BILL3 can be maddening, but....

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BILL3 can be maddening, but....

...if nobody challenges your assumptions, you will follow premises to absurdities. BILL3 points out absurdities. Libertarianism (and I have a deep appreciation for Rothbard and Rand, and I follow NAP pretty closely) does not solve every 'problem'. BILL3 loves to point out the 'problems' and then propose that if property rights or NAP have certain bad results, a reasonable person must discard such ideas.

Then BILL3 goes on to 'solve' the 'problems' by asserting utilitarianism. He believes practical solutions, like initiating force sometimes to achieve a good result, is perfectly acceptable, indeed it is a requirement. What's more is that, if you dig deeply enough, we all participate in some form of initiation of force. Therefore, libertarianism is a false god, a false religion, that needs to be replaced by a more flexible and practical approach: utilitarianism.

Here's the shocker: he's right. Here's the non-shocker: his medicine to treat injustice is opening the door to all injustice.

There are times, generally very extreme circumstances that few of us will ever experience, when NAP does more harm than good, and when libertarianism fails to result in any reasonable concept of justice. However, utilitarianism is so subjective that it leads to continuous political conflict, even among it's practitioners. That's how we got to where we are today.

As with any human-created concepts, there are limitations with libertarianism and NAP. BILL3 is great at pointing them out. But he is blind to accepting the major problem of throwing out NAP in favor of utilitarian 'the best for the most.' Every tyranny is built on that 'principle'.