Comment: The rational person fears everything...

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The rational person fears everything... direct proportion to its actual danger.

Based on the relevant data of the last decade or so, as a human being living in the united States I am fifty times likelier to die of breast cancer than from "Ter'rism". And probably twice that of having a heart attack do me in. The reason fear is so popular is that it excites the adrenal glands. The mind speeds up and seeks out additional dangers, thus establishing a positive feedback loop. (aka "self-fulfilling prophecy" or "addiction")

People fall for hypervigilence for the same reason they fall for collectivism and mysticism. They don't understand arithmetic. Oh sure, they can add and subtract and maybe even pull off long division, but they have no visceral grasp of arithmetic relationships. Hence they spend 60% of their resources on 2% of their problems. It's like going after microbes with a sledge hammer.

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