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neither here nor there...

Whether it was some kind of direct threat or something else (for example, maybe he understands that it's about changing hearts and minds; winning---initiating force against others---wouldn't further the goal), it doesn't really matter. Look at how many people he has gotten to start thinking differently...and more correctly.

What's really important:

1. Start thinking more correctly about the world around you.
2. Engage with others in a way that can help them to do the same.

Here are a couple of my conclusions:

1. It takes a lot of honest labor/work to feed, cloth, and shelter a person, and we have no right, in general, to escape from this work.

2. The fact above can be (and has been) "masked" in two main ways:

a. slavery
b. destructive technology

3. We need to back off of a. and b. and get back to the honest work of 1.