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hi nomad

are you sure the GOP really wanted to win?

have you seen the latest power grab for even more old boy GOP establishment rules and cutting down the debates? rand seems okay with it.

i'm sure ron paul is pleased to see liberty candidates having some success, but when folks (especially youngsters) ask his advice on what they can do for freedom he always answers the same way/ i'll paraphrase: "Do what appeals to you. everyone has different talents. most important: continue to spread the message of sound money, personal freedom and peace.

i'm impressed with your optimism, and we are on the same page as far as spreading the message to everyone, but i feel the game is rigged and not until the majority of people get it, we're doomed. i see spreading the libertarian message to the masses as a long term goal. i'm not enthused with rand, although he does some good work in the senate, as for prez he's not someone i'd work, vote or raise money for. gary johnson (if he runs) sounds a lot closer to ron paul, while rand will be trying to distance himself more and more from his dad's ideas.