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We are not in a capitalist society...

Hi Anothernobody,

What you are describing is more of a "fascist society", than a capitalistic society.

In my mind a capitalistic society is one of decentralized control and open and free markets. And yes a democracy is inherently evil in that you end up with two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner. A decentralized republic which has foundational laws is a much better form of government. The events in and around 1913 were a pivotal time where we lost a lot of what was left of our republic.

One of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto is the existence of a central bank for central control. We have the FED along with most or all of the other planks, so to call our country a capitalistic one is to bastardize the meaning of the word. I am not saying that our government run schools don't teach us that we live in a "capitalistic society", I am saying that the reality is that we now live more under the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto than anything resembling capitalism.

Most of the problems you bemoan came about from our pulling away from a capitalistic society. I think a lot of the Chinese people's personal gains have come from their moves towards capitalism/free markets and away from communism/controlled markets just as ours have been the opposite. Maybe we will pass each other. I never laughed/cried so loud as when Peter Schiff said in the future when Chinese families are eating supper that the parents will tell their children to finish everything on their plate because there are starving American children on the other side of the world. Note to younger people, it was not that long ago when we Americans grew up with the opposite saying.

We all can see things that are wrong, but we all need to use a dictionary to identify them properly.