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God damn.

You guys seriously will not give up. Rand is going no where. It's not like we cannot all see what's going on. Go make And see how many people come there.

Without Ron there is no Rand literally and figurtively. Ron won 11 elections count it. Rand has won 1. Ron has a fan base full of diverse activist, rand has a zombie brain trust. Ron has decades of evidence proving who he is, Rand depending on the year so far has been many different people. But most of all Ron wasn't trying to win - that was his mistake.

Ron thought we were all adult enough to not need a government teat anymore for us to be human. Ron demanded we accepted ourselves for who we are and to stand proud, not too relent just to play nice, but to dig your damn heels in and suck it up.

You will never win unless you become your enemy. That is their turf the faster you guys figure it out, the faster you will not become a target for debate on the merits of your politician. They make the rules -- the end. 2 elections down, and 0 lessons learnt.