Comment: I don't think it's just drunk on power.

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I don't think it's just drunk on power.

I think they are power"aholics" and them being drunk isn't the problem it's merely one of the consequences. It's like pointing to a bear laying down and saying look -- "not all bears are always angry, and killing things". When in reality they do but just not at that moment. But it's to consider there nature and try to overlook that in a point to make them look cute or whatever.

Point being these people are sociopaths, there is no changing them. We need to take away their ability to screw us over though. Funny thing about the real world outside of politics is they HATE liars. These people cannot cut it outside of the beauracracy and that's what we need.

No more kid gloves. You either want change or you want it to stay the same. We have enough history to prove us right, and enough momentum to sustain a long-term philosophical battle with our entire lives to lose, and if so than our childrens.

Voting will never change anything. I see it as if were all in prison and voting on the warden. How about just firing him and releasing ourselves.