Comment: The Bible Speaks Of The "FALSE PROPHET"

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The Bible Speaks Of The "FALSE PROPHET"

The Universal Church (Catholic Church) is the 'False Prophet'. It gives the 'BEAST' (World Political System)legitimacy..

Beware of organized religion speaking of things that are not Christian.

The Catholic Church has always set the tone for upright living. In recent years it has played the Harlot.

I'm a registered Catholic. I was baptized, received Holy Communion, and Confirmation in the church. I am no longer in agreement with many of our appointed Popes and their bizarre beliefs and philosophies.

I can tell you that the late Father Malachi Martin had said before he was thrown out of a window to his death in New York City that, "The Smoke of hell has entered the sanctuary of the Vatican." Meaning that demonic events were being performed (Murder cover-ups) and that evil was ever present...