Comment: It's really inevitable that

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It's really inevitable that

It's really inevitable that the system as we know it is going to crash, and crash hard, by design. The Robber Barons needed the money and the power to spike the technology that we have today. Soon, maybe even now, the Robber Barons, or industrialists, corporatists, Bilderbergers, elites, whatever you want to call them, will need to thin the herd. Yes, I realize they've been doing it for sometime, but they've ultimately failed thus far, so one can assume that the process will be sped up either by war, famine or disease in the coming years.

I posted this yesterday--though it didn't get much attention:

I believe this is very significant. A manufacturer that doesn't need "man" any longer! WOW! We have hit the precipice of our society. I don't see this ending well. I'm sure the elder American Indians probably thought something similar when the first European rowed ashore.