Comment: So I think free markets are

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So I think free markets are

So I think free markets are the best option, but I am sure when I state the following there are some that will not understand the statements, and accuse me of being a marxist.

Free markets are preferable because there is no perfectly fair system in an unfair world, and less people will be screwed over by a free market sytem. A free market system will screw over some people though, like people that posses little or no talent, have mental handicaps, have no hereditary wealth, and are physically very ugly, are at a disadvantage due to how they were born. In a free market system you will have the haves and the have not's.

Free markets are preferable because in a communist/socialist system you will have widespread poverty, and a lack of technological inovation. Free markets are realistic about human greed and harness that greed, which has beneficial effects for all mankind. If I had to choose between a car built in a capitalist nation and one built in a communist country, there is no thinking required.

I do take issue with those that make free markets into some pure utopian system that benefits all, when it is not perfect. It is the far better choice, but not a perfect one. Communists in disguise as democrats like to use the phrase "leveling the playing field" as justification for their own selfish interests of installing communism, but there really are unlevel playing fields. The world will never be fair, and I accept that, but everyone should be honest and admit that free markets are a game of winners and losers, just far less losers than communism.

Now I expect that someone will try to win me over to free markets when I am already won over. It will not be enough that I am for an imperfect system, I have to believe it is without flaw.