Comment: How does this not put the USA on par with the most corrupt

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How does this not put the USA on par with the most corrupt

police forces of any country in the world?

In Moldova I was heard speaking English to my then, girlfriend. A police officer stopped us, was not happy with my passport and visa (at the time you need a visa to be in Moldova) and he demanded money for me not to go to jail for the weekend so that my passport could be verified by the US Embassy on Monday when it opened.

I had to pay him all of 200 Moldovan lei or $20, to stay out of jail.

I have an American friend who does business in Ukraine, renting halls for large events. Its all strictly legal but the common mode of business is cash. So when he comes from America to Ukraine he typically carries around $7,000 with him (less than the legal limit of $10,000).

On a recent visit Customs asked him if he was carrying any cash. He considered saying that he wasn't, but if they had checked him they would have been legally entitled to keep the money. So he admitted he was carrying a large amount. They took him to a small room where he was required to lay all the money on the table. The Customs Officers poked it a few times. Held it. Looked at it. Other officers entered the room. It seemed like they did not know what to do.

My friend, a little nervous, then calmly and quietly gathered all the money up except for two $100 bills, which he left plainly in the middle of the table. He then asked if he was free to go and they let him leave.

Eastern European police officers have well deserved reputation for being corrupt. But they actually seem less corrupt than officers in the USA who conduct themselves this way.