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One of the biggest problems I have with some of my...

Republican friends is convincing them that Libertarians aren't anarchist. See, anarchist are anarchist, they don't have a party, they don't believe in the constitution.

Libertarians actually believe we should follow the constitution. We don't filter everything the constitution says through the Bible first. We don't have to for the constitution is moral. We put the constitution before the Bible so everyone that chooses can put their religious beliefs before everything else in their lives or not.

Democrats would say Republicans believe the dumb should suffer because they don't favor the state providing for the dumb. They want the dumb forced to have children that they don't want and aren't capable of caring for.

If Libertarians allow the dumb to suffer it's only because we don't believe the state should rob us to care for them. We have nothing against private charity and believe that it's more helpful to the dumb than state welfare.

Libertarian morality and constitutional morality are one and the same.