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Thanks wolfe -

To continue the discussion:

In #1, you say "But in the real world, if someone behaves badly, they could get hurt or worse." On the DP, someone "behaves badly" by flaming people, insulting people, or simply holding an opinion contrary to the group (see The Granger).

None of this is "violence" in the traditional sense. The consequences they suffer on the DP are negativity and ostracism. Ultimately, the crowd rises up to demand this person be banned.

How would it work in the real world? By 'getting hurt or worse' - what does it mean? Being stoned to death?

2) "The idea that people are prone to violence is false." Some people are more violent, by nature, than others. See Aaron Hernandez. There are many pro football players, which is a form of controlled violence, but very few of them are murderers.

Not to mention the 5% or so of the population who are sociopaths. Martha Stout explored this in her excellent book, The Sociopath Next Door. According to her research, these people are born without a 'conscience.' It is their 'advantage' in a weird way, because they have no qualms about using violence when the other 95% of humanity would recoil from it in disgust.

3) How do you solve the fraud problem if everyone is at a masquerade ball? Isn't fraud just kind of baked into the cake if you allow everyone to hide behind a screen name?

I'd be interested in seeing some of the sites with the karma systems you talk about.

Thank you!

He's the man.