Comment: There was a bird in Shanghai. There was one.

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There was a bird in Shanghai. There was one.

And then she left. Shanghai has misses her, I'm told.

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That was an interesting video. I'd like to try that room out. I want to hear the blood pulsing through my brain!

I don't think the lack of sound would bother me, but once I was in a room that was pitch black. It looked the same whether my eyes were open or closed, and that was freaky. I started to hallucinate monsters, and I couldn't get rid of them by closing my eyes.

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That was a weird commercial for at the end.

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Speaking of annoying beeps... Have you heard of this town in Virginia without Wifi?

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My friend used to have an old Mercedes 300D, and the sound of the closing of that door was pure quality. My overall impression of the OnPoint episode was that all the sounds they're learning to make will eventually be used in some kind of online virtual world, like the OASIS in Ready Player One. You should read that book if you get a chance. It is well done. Lots of 80's pop culture references.

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I think there is more to beats than just headphones. My phone says "Audio by Beats" when it is starting up. So there is some other invisible technology there also. Not to mention those headphones probably cost $3 to make, and sell for hundreds. But how good can the sound be?

And did you see the article that said this is how Apple enters seamlessly into the wearable market?

I don't know if $3 billion is too much or not. The numbers are beyond my comprehension, really. Facebook paid $16 billion for WhatsApp. What's app with that? (Sorry, couldn't help myself there)


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