Comment: Somewhat less confusing than State with heavy demo stuff

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Somewhat less confusing than State with heavy demo stuff

It's shaping up like all of the federal agencies are gearing up for a land war. We got the BLM who are going to secure the deserts and unutilized spaces, NPS has it's militarized squads for the parks, the USPS is uparming, ready to take "going postal" to a whole new level, here's USDA and they are going to defend big coproprate agriculture (productive farmland being especially attractive to starving people), everybody gets an MRAP or an APC, sure, fine, whatever. They have a militarized force for every inch of the nation ready to take over and impose order of the new world variety.

State is laying up heavy demo stuff. The kind of stuff you use to take out large buidlings, take down bridges and the stuff you use to get into a hardened facility.

Not too many entities have such hardened facilities but the ones that do are government, corporate and corporate/banking.

Kinda gets ya thinkin don't it?

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.