Comment: Attack of The Killer Tomatoes.

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Attack of The Killer Tomatoes.

Since the big fear is that American soldiers may not obey orders to fire on American citizens here,(except for the brainwashed ones) the question becomes "Who can we arm that is employed & paid by us (the federal government) to do this? Enter all police departments & the alphabet soup agencies under the department of Homeland Security. Remember, there are 300,000,000 guns in the possession of the People. 100,000,000 are handguns & concealable. They have to level the playing field. Gun control, confiscation, illegal immigration, (language barrier, differing ulterior motives) & a never ending dope supply (legal & illegal) are the Machiavellian ways incorporated to accomplish this. Maybe now it may become clear as to the purchase of obscene numbers of hollow point bullets by the department of Homeland Security. The scene of Russian soldiers not willing to fire on their people during the Yeltsin era has not been lost on our political & military traitors & their bosses.