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Founding fathers & guns

Good points all, Cherylinpa.
I would like to make a constitutional point, however, that I'm afraid many people miss. Most people who favor private ownership of firearms cite the Second Amendment, which is said to give us the right to bear arms. Wrong! The people are given their RIGHTS by their creator. The people, in turn, grant certain POWERS to government (severely limited, specifically listed powers) via the Constitution. Even if the Second Amendment did not exist, the U.S. government would not have the power to prohibit guns, since that power is not enumerated in the Constitution.
As I write this, the noon news is reporting that some are calling for new federal laws to regulate violence on TV. Where is the constitutional authority for that? Nowhere! But do reporters ever ask that question? Dream on.
I hope Dr. Paul gets many opportunities to explain the forgotten concept of enumerated powers during the debates.