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You are mistaken.

The kids didn't 'consent' to be killed, because in my whole OP, consent only occurs at the age of majority. If a parent kills their kid, it will either be legal or illegal according to the rules of the community, as with any community.It won't have anything to do with consent, because the authority of parents over their children is something delimited or not delimited by the law all have agreed to. Groups don't consent to anything, individuals do. Probably no one would ever join a community where the kids were just killed by law, and if they did, thankfully it would only last one generation.

It is certainly possible on NAP to imagine a community where the members all agreed that if a property owner kills a dependent minor, they would take no enforcement action, because they consider the kid to be property. Call it 'extended warranty abortion,' if you will. This is a slightly different example: there is no law that the kids get killed, only that no enforcement action will be taken if a kid is killed. Since parents typically don't want to kill their children, this would be a rarity. It still may happen, though, as it does in America today.

In the world of my NAP ordered State, if a neighboring autonomous community was sufficiently horrified at this custom that they wanted to invade and destroy the community, they easily could, since this community wouldn't have any communal defense, since it doesn't adhere to the laws binding the larger community of communities.