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We're not in the 20th

We're not in the 20th century, stop living in the past. All those killings are communism and nazi genocide. Outside of communism and attempts to suppress it, and nazi genocide, you don't see any democide. You don't even see democide rates like that in non democratic governments that weren't fighting over communism.

Democide wasn't the leading cause of death in the other 150 countries, which is why the guy who coined democide didn't draw any conclusions about government as such.

If you had anarchy, the next week you'd had political organizations fighting to establish control and to provide benefits for constituencies, and it would lead to some kind of state in short order. That new state might not be as democidal as Stalin or Mao, but those aren't typical examples. They are historical outliers.

People kill people, and they do it least under a limited government. Anarchy is just a starting condition, a crap shoot leading to power vacuum that is removed by a new government.

Since the vast majority of possible governments are not stable limited governments, then hitting reset to anarchy has a high odds of producing an unstable, non limited government. Your only hope would be to argue for stable anarchy, which you haven't.