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What we have now is anarchy

Anarchy simply means without rulers and when one examines North American published laws there are no defined rulers anywhere in law. So it is my understanding that we have a legally and lawfully recognized anarchy right now. The very foundations of our Organic Laws acknowledge that governments are instituted amongst men deriving their just powers from consent of governed. Men can institute governments as they see fit and even the current
'government' publishes this fact as law. There is absolutely no lawful requirement for us to make the current Constitutional government our government. We are totally free within nature to contract whatever governance we choose and we can even have more than one at the same time. This is even common practice in business where arbitration jurisdiction is strictly defined as private arbitration. There is no limit to this. We can simply create whatever governance we wish and even explicitly carve out jurisdiction of the crime machine that is eating everything good.

Also, the application of law in a no ruler scenario means each is equally sovereign where that sovereignty is maintained through full liability. Full liability because the consent of the one governed by law is issued through their accusation with just cause for action. It is self evident lawful fact in nature that each is liable for their OWN actions.

Application of law then becomes a completely impartial process because each holds the power to accuse or be accused with identifiable traceable liability maintained for both sides of any dispute where the court is only a forum for non-violent dispute resolution determining facts and law for that case that was granted jurisdiction by the disputing parties. So there are no rulers because we are each liable for our own actions. In legalese, action = court action. Action means court action because otherwise people are operating freely as equally liable parties with no disputes until a valid cause of action is presented. Actions are the only real interface to individuals that have a threat to liberty.

This is the way real law operates but what we have now is a criminal racket because the 'government' is the 'accuser', the judge, and receives payment if they find you 'guilty'. It is completely insane prima facie in its very structure to think any of this is actual justice or any lawful process whatsoever. Courts are only suppose to be initiated through consent of the governed. So we must not confuse criminal activity with lawful court operations because lawful court operation is simple to identify because self-governing individuals with valid cause is the source of power and is required by someone for that forum to have any function to serve.

Whether the current 'government' reforms to operate lawfully or we simply organize new jurisdictional structures to carry out lawful functions of justice that choice is ours individually regardless of any opinions because if it is real law then it will form nature through inspirations and resulting action and become what is. So lawfully what is strictly constructed and in operation right now is already anarchy and has been the whole time.

I think most people are so ignorant of law that they do not know the difference between criminal activity and lawful justice which is the root of the confusion in all of this. The 'government' is a fiction that has logical weighted stimuli driven constructs of the neural nets of experience as a dominant ruler over our lives. Without any weighted experience of just law that is never conflicting in its application then there is no weighted stimuli within the experiential neural nets to identify and enumerate criminal injury from the 'government' because the logical weight of the experience of tyranny means one psychologically submits that they have rulers and thus thinks that what we have lawfully and legally is not anarchy. The law has been anarchy the whole time the rest is crime.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...