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here's what happened

let me provide a little background info for the new members. the rally that alex went to was promoted by him on his radio show and he encouraged people to attend. there has been lots of infighting in Austin and alex went a bit overboard. one reason why he was so pissed was because john bush and and i believe Cathleen b too had been saying some not so nice things about ron paul right before this event. he alluded to it in this highly edited propaganda video.
i remember alex making fun of john and company for getting a permit for the protest and alex pointing out they did not need to. that's another reason he went there and took over like he did. he wanted to prove that the permit was useless and unnecessary and part of the slave mentality.

i like john bush but like alex he is not perfect. he has definitely done some great things especially when it comes to the Austin city council meetings.

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