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Comment: Analysis by falsehood challenged

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Analysis by falsehood challenged

The false authorities are authorities of falsehood.

There is a competitive, free market, alternative; but the free market, competitive, alternative to false authorities who are authorities of falsehood is not higher quality and lower cost falsehood.

The competitive alternative to false authorities who have authority over their falsehood is accurate accounting.

So the accurate account of the competition is:

Analysis by falsehood challenged, in free markets of ideas, by analysis by accurate accounting.
Watching the video and stopping at

Time: 0:50 or so

Note: The false authorities run like roaches, rats, and vampires from the light of accurate accounting.

Quote from the false authority (authority of their own falsehoods)

Time: 0:50 or so
"Mr. Block said that under anarchism..."

Stop right there.

I met Walter Block in 1996 at a Financial Markets Conference in Las Vegas Nevada where Ron Paul was speaking. I paid to go to that Conference. I signed in, I saw a solicitation for the audience to submit questions to the speakers. My questions were possibly viewed by those who ran the show as questions that would be asked by an anarchist. In fact my questions were ignored, other than, perhaps, someone telling Ron Paul that there were 2 anarchists in the audience, and that is recorded on the Mises Web Page.

Mr. Block, if he now is an anarchist, was not one. When I spoke to him, he was unable to understand simple questions concerning simple free market situations occurring in the world in 1996, having to do with the anarchistic World Wide Web and how that effects trade with China. Walter Block took my question as some twisted version of my question and he looked at my shoes, which were tennis shoes, or sneakers, and he made some odd claim about the price of my shoes having a lower price due to the wonders of free market trade with China.

I could have discussed further, how China was at that time being subsidized through false "free" trade "agreements," as earnings were being stolen from people in American, through the FED and the IRS and those earnings were then being dumped into China to Boom the Chinese economy in preparation for World War III and a new World Reserve Currency Power collecting War Debts out of China, but Walter Block, in my opinion, was, probably is, and probably will be just another stooge hired to parrot the lies that keep the criminals in power.

Walther Block may know that he is just another prostitute, or he may be suffering abject belief in falsehood without question. It was obvious to me that Walter Block looked down on me as cost to him, in time and place, so that conversation ended; by mutual agreement in the free market of ideas.

As to the use of the word anarchism, the following discovery ought to settle any further questions as to the viability of the word anarchism as a useable word used by people who either choose to convey accurate accounts or false accounts.

Obviously the word anarchism is not a competitive word to be used by people seeking accurate transfers of information.

Obviously the word anarchism is a good word to be used by people who seek to confuse, obscure, and falsify the data stream.

Source, and then quote:

The source from which I first found the quote is broken at this time, so that is a competitive source above.

Another of Proudhon's startling paradoxes, seemingly so at least, and I think we shall see really so, is the use of the term anarchy, to denote not chaos and confusion, but the basis of order in the freedom of the individual from the control of others. Etymologically, this use of the term has a show of reason as it merely means absence of government, and a writer has the right, if he choose so to revert to etymological origins; and frequently there is a great advantage in so doing. There is a loss it is true in the temporary obfuscation of the mind of the reader, but, it may be, a more than compensating advantage in arousing deeper thought, or in furnishing a securer technicality. But in this ease the disadvantage is certainly incurred; and neither advantage is secured. There are two very different things covered by the term government: personal government by arbitrium, and the government of inherent laws and principles. Proudhon is denying the rightfulness of the former, and affirming the latter. Now the Greek arche meant both of these things; but if either more peculiarly than the other, it meant the government of laws and principles, whence the negation of such rule by the prefix an has meant, and rightly means, chaos. Proudhon undertakes to make the Greek word mean exclusively the other idea, whereby he spoils one excellent technicality without getting for his other purpose a secure and good one in place of it.

From as early as 1876 there has been a battle of words whereby word choices, such as the choice to use the word anarchism, is discussed, and held to an accurate accounting; while defenders of those word choices stand their ground for reasons that they offer in their defense.

Clearly, the accurate account in 1786 is accurate today, as the choice to use the word anarchism as a synonym for free markets and Liberty is a poor choice since the word conveys another meaning at the same time, therefore the word is duplicitous.

The word anarchism causes more trouble than it is worth in conveying an accurate meaning.

If the intention is to convey free market Liberty, and the word choice is anarchism, then the message is often failing to accurately transfer to the intended recipient of the message, as the intended recipient of the message receives the message of chaos, bedlam, rampant, ungoverned, crime running wild everywhere, where everyone is at everyone's throat, like rats on a sinking ship.

So the messenger intends to convey the meaning of free markets, of Liberty, as a governing principle, and the messenger uses the word anarchism as the MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, the product, the word, the label, the term to use in transferring that intended meaning of free markets governing our Liberty in peace, and instead of that meaning being transferred the opposite meaning is transferred instead, and yet those stupid people still use that duplicitous words, even after the word fails time and again, time and again, or they are not stupid people, they pick that word because that word accomplishes the intention of false accounting.

Stupid people expect a different result from the same choices if only stupid people repeat the same choices enough times, this time, for sure, this time the same word choice will result in something other than MISS-communication.

The word is chosen because the words accomplishes the goal of MISS-communication.

So the authority of falsehood A, this Jan Helfeld authority of falsehood guy, on that video, is challenging this other authority of falsehood, this Walter Block authority of falsehood, and their challenge of each other is to see who spreads falsehood better, and who are the intended victims of their falsehood spreading spree?

In the case of Walter Block, I can't say for sure, not having the accurate accounts before me, in official text, official deals, whereby payments are transferred, but my guess is that Walter Block has invested in the Chinese Boom, so his efforts to MISS-communicate may be geared toward protecting (protectionism) his investments into that benefit for himself, at the expense of anyone who may be paying those bills as World War III goes off on schedule.

Returning back to the battle of liars or dupes, and I can't know which is which without an accurate accounting from them:

Time: 0:50 or so
"...people had the right to secede..."

The accurate account, without the additions of falsehood added to the accurate account, can be found right here:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Note: That is not a right, that is a duty, and resistance against criminals includes resistance against criminal frauds, for those who may not know that yet, you ought to see your duties along those lines yesterday, so you are late.

That is the accurate account exposing the beginning LIES told by these two people in their challenge to each other over who has more authority over which is the more powerful falsehoods.

Note again, please, these people WILL not, can not, allow their authority over their falsehoods to be exposed to any facts, such as those facts offered in The Declaration of Independence.

Their falsehoods wither under the light of accurate accounting, and they know it.