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So to your first answer

you mention only tarrifs and excise taxes as making early America not capitalist. Do you think tarrifs and excise taxes are what caused this system to concentrate wealth and allow that wealth to be converted into political power?

To your second answer, you attribute the departure from "what passed as capitalism" to the propaganda of the progressives. So was this caused by tariffs and excise taxes?

If not, then what you're saying is that the system that "passed for capitalism," except for tariffs and excise taxes, was inherently unstable to the propaganda of influential media organs and so was transformed into today's conditions. That would seem to be in accord with the position of those who say that capitalism does in fact have within it the inherent tendency to succumb to the propaganda of influential minorities with effective propaganda.

You should probably formulate your position as "Assuming everyone is vigilant, then capitalism does not naturally progress into something else which is promoted by those with control of media organs and influence over academia." You need that caveat about vigilance, otherwise your free capitalism does in fact permit concentration of wealth and the herding of people into whatever system is desired by those with control of political propaganda.