Comment: The Media Once Again Controlling The Narrative

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The Media Once Again Controlling The Narrative

The media and the Obama administration once again putting out lies and deceit as truth. What it is really 'SOVIET STYLE' propaganda.

What is the media narrative?: The narrative is to elicit blame on some perceived external Islamic enemy in Africa. The truth is the Obama administration, including politicians on both sides of the isle, and the controlled news media are the real enemy of truth.

The controlled media does serve a valuable purpose. Anything in politics, specifically foreign policy the media tells you is a good thing is really the opposite. It is to our detriment and demise...

Specifically, Hillary Clinton is about the worse kind person you would ever want to meet or trust in your life. Hillary Clinton is just another useful idiot used by the oligarchs in their continued plan for total world governance..

America better wake up before its too late...


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