Comment: N word is just a word!

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N word is just a word!

It means worthless, ignorant, lazy aptly describes all of our presidents since Reagan!

All being worthless in upholding our constitution

All ignorant in the fact of what they are doing to our country will effect them and their friends and families...all in the name of greed!

All lazy in the fact they want to take vacations and all the fun things that comes with being potus, but don't have the gumption to take a stand when they should!

That word don't belong to any one race ...its defines a man by their actions...not their color!

But all in all its a negative word that carries a lot of weight ...and don't do much good using it, specially when Obama is a piece of crap and chits even on his own color's (white and black).

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!