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Oh... Isee, that's unfortunate...

But I think control of the party lies not JUST in the presidential nominations. For example, in the article that I linked to in the OP, the author suggested that Goldwater transformed the funding to a less-elite based to a more grass-root based activity. There were record amount of volunteers during the Goldwater Campaign, reminds you of someone else?

Of course, those aren't really proofs for the party changing IDEOLOGICALLY after that... But from what I could piece, GOP didn't really go anti-welfare during the New Deal era. But what about after Barry Goldwater? Maybe even foreign policy? Ike Eisenhower shyed away from nuclearly bombing China, as well as not invading Vietnam, but after that, Nixon escalated the Vietnam War, and Reagan, well, military grew under him...

I dunno really, right now I am just going to come up with a draft, I can change it drastically later of course. But I think right now I what I would like are some resources that I could trust, but also reputable, or some books, any resource that I could use to do this paper on.

And yeah, no way I can put that Bush assassination thing in the paper, lol. Right now I rather just focus on the changes brought about by Goldwater, considering the time before and a little after, maybe up to Ronald Reagan.

So yeah, do you know any good sources? I am thinking of using this book:

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.