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Good video, but

it should have stated where the neo-conservatives ideology is dirived from, the Leo Trotsky, who was a protege of Karl Marx. Trotsky was the brains behind the Bolshevik Revolution, that ushered in the USSR totalitarian regime. He was leader of the Red Army, and put forth the ideology of 'spreading Communism' throughout the world, and structured the brutal police state aperatus for all controlled under their regime.

In reality, the Neo-Conservatives is a psy-op misdirection campaign, they are really Neo-Communists, as they don't promote anything conservative, in fact, they promote just the opposite. They promote intervention or preemptive war to spread so-called 'democracy', which really means Corporatism or Corporate fascism, that is similar to Communism, with the exeption, the government isn't the supreme power, as they are agents for the Coroporate/Banker power brokers. They also, were the main forces behind the construction of the Totalitarian police state, the Patriot Act, NDAA, DHS, TSA, Fusion Centers, and the NSA monitoring of all Americans. They support any Corporatist plan, that helps fund their ideology, Free Trade, Banker/Coporate ponzi schemes, United Nations, Foreign funding, and especially backing Israel, the instigators for intervention, with Billions of dollars, both in cash and military weaponry. They also, support unrestricted illegal immigration, along with amnesty, that is key to their undermining of the Constitutional based government, and to undermines the culture based on the cohesion to the Republic created by the Founders.

People need to know where the Neo-conservative (sic) ideolgies are dirived, the Trotskyite model. This would help break the left vs right false paradigm, and the use of Marxism only for the Democrat side of the two party system. In other words, knew the ideology of the Neo-cons were based on Marxism, this would expose the corruption by this model of government from both sides.