Comment: Please keep bumping this and donating!!!!

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Please keep bumping this and donating!!!!

Some of my friends ask why I get so angry over politics/or government, etc. They often ask me, "Why did you donate to Ron Paul/TMOT/Murray Sabrin, et al? You know they won't win, right?" The main reason-my "Why" (if you will) is because of my 2 kids and for their future. I want them to grow up in a country that doesn't spy on it's citizens, doesn't lock people up for minor drug offenses, doesn't bomb a wedding in some far off land, for "freedom."....... Robbie is far more brave than I will ever be. He, like my kids, is the future of this country. Robbie will win. Please help this family out and donate. If you can't donate, then please bump this.