Comment: Whatever happened to the Swiss "guaranteed income" proposal?

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Whatever happened to the Swiss "guaranteed income" proposal?

The Swiss are generally misunderstood by conservatives on a lot of issues, including this one. Whatever happened to the Swiss "guaranteed income" proposal, for example? That was a proposed law to guarantee every Swiss citizen at least 2,500 dollars a month income for the same reason as this minimum wage bill: rising costs of living are driving down living standards.

What few people noted is that the guaranteed income law would be for CITIZENS only. And becoming a citizen of Switzerland is one of the hardest things to do! There are grandchildren of immigrants born in Switzerland who are unable to become citizens. The right to vote and participate in the Confederate government is a sacred thing, and assiduously defended from taint. The guaranteed income law would benefit less than half of the people of Switzerland -- the important half: the ones who must bear arms on behalf of their country.

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