Comment: Libertarian vs Anarchist - i follow FredrickBastait

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Libertarian vs Anarchist - i follow FredrickBastait

There is a wide range covered by libertarian. You cannot throw insult to the anarchist range when describing libertarian. It is not a sub-set. If we have formed to defend our individual natural law then those that bond together to form a government to defend these laws are not violating libertarian principles. Just like you find self proclaimed anarchists going out and stealing and destroying property, you will find those who use the force set up to defend your individuality as a force to destroy others. Our current situation is textbook failure because too many libertarians failed to occupy government and protect the law. Too many libertarians translate that they want to be left alone to mean they don't want to make an effort. Everyone here should find themselves a government job and hire libertarians to their teams. Conspire to take over the world with the sinister plot to leave everyone alone.