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Other options...if you have to be in stocks

If you are preparing for total collapse of the dollar, nothing beats holding physical assets as others mentioned. If you have an ounce of gold in your safe, it will still be there no matter what happens in the world. However, there are financial assets that hold real value, including stock in companies that produce real things that can and will be sold even if the dollar goes to zero. The commodities sector has been beaten up in recent years, in particular precious metal mining companies. The oil and gas sector still has some value stocks. The Hong Kong stocks offer great dividends at reasonable valuations. The Russian stocks have unbelievably low valuations, and are highly concentrated in oil and gas. There are mutual funds and ETFs that focus on almost any sector you like and offer diversity for people with limited amount of money to invest.

Take my advice with a huge grain of salt, as I am not a trained investor and I have a bad track record. I started investing all the spare cash I have each month since 2011 in mining and oil stocks. I have consistently lost money every year, as the mining sector collapsed. I would have done much better buying stock in Facebook, Twitter, and other social/app internet stocks that earn less than zero income. However, I still believe I am right for the long haul. I haven't sold anything, and I keep buying every month.