Comment: Can a true libertarian live

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Can a true libertarian live

Can a true libertarian live in the United States? A place where personal freedom is stripped bare and every aspect of your life infringed upon? After-all a true libertarian believes in personal responsibility and freedom so long as it doesn't harm others.

Using a religious reference,the Christians in Rome are still Christians are they not?

While it may oppose some of your ideology and views, you are required to accept certain things for the time being, but should always be working to change them.

While I would agree a self proclaimed libertarian that works in the government helping bomb children or beat citizens is not a libertarian. But someone who takes a job doing what they can to make a paycheck, weather its building roads or filing papers is. Or maybe its someone who takes that government job to try and push change from the inside.

We live in an imperfect system so it is impossible to live a perfect libertarian lifestyle. All we can do is try our best to.