Comment: LOL MSM getting desperate now?

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LOL MSM getting desperate now?

I just have to laugh about this authors gripe about the conspiracy of vaccines. Honestly has anyone taken the insert of a vaccine and a MSDS and looked up each individual ingredient? Then look at the health hazards? I have. That's not a fucking conspiracy it's FACT. The shit is dangerous and should not under any circumstances be injected intravenously to a newborn, to a toddler, to a teenager or hell even an adult. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever take another vaccine (last one was over 15 years ago), or that my child ever takes a single vaccine.

The Bundy ranch wasn't Agenda 21. It was Harry "Asshole" Reid who wanted Bundy off the land so he could sell it. That's been determined, Where the hell has this author been?

A lot of conspiracies as of late have actually been true. Like the Gulf of Token incident. You know the one that never happened yet the U.S. used to justify the war with Vietnam. If the government doesn't want conspiracies, maybe it should change its behavior and actually tell us the TRUTH. Just a suggestion, I know it won't happen..