Comment: Basic Income makes Min. Wage irrelevant

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Basic Income makes Min. Wage irrelevant

I thought they already voted on the Basic Income Referendum but I can't find it. They did recieve the signatures needed.

Here are two artlicle by libertarians supporting it:

If you research basic income you will find a number of pilot projects that prove people don't work less (everyone keeps bringing up the "theory" that people won't want to work). They only people that work less are new moms and teenagers. In reality, economic activity increases, small business start ups increase, savings increases, school attendance increases.

The only things that decrease are work place accidents, hospitalization, auto-accidents and domestic violence.

I'm working on a proposal for the U.S. to bring basic income in without taxing (in fact my proposal cuts all taxes). It might take a few years to get people to handle my proposal, but the numbers work out.

Jack Wagner