Comment: Eat your vegetables, you'll get strong

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Eat your vegetables, you'll get strong

I'm seeing a lot of comments talking about not posting this sort of stuff, and people saying they don't want to read it or it is a disgusting mess of lies and false truths.

That's all the more reason to read it!!! (excuse the multiple exclamation points, I promise I'm not a repeat offender)

We all need to understand that Salon is hugely popular and that this will be read by people who will accept it. You need to read it, analyze where the mistakes were made, and then be able to explain those mistakes logically and without insult to someone who may have originally agreed with it. That's how you change the minds of people.

This is a skill we all need to practice. Not to say, "Oh more Liberal tripe" or "this is stupid BS." You need to be able to read this and point by point show it up in a polite fashion with facts and proof. That's how we win people over.

It's painful. It's disgusting. It's not how we'd rather spend our time because it's not an article that pats our point of view on the back.

But lets not be lazy. Lets engage our brains and train so we can win these arguments once they occur at the dinner table. We might not swing the people making statements like this, but with training we can still show our position to be the superior one to everyone else at the table.

Eric Hoffer