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Since I Identify

with Christianity I will respond. I do not identify with it in an organized institutional sense but I am a believer in JC. I do not feel it is not my job to glorify any son, a supreme father can do that just fine without my help. What could I do or what power could I possibly possess to glorify a son anyway? I focus on the message more than the messenger.

Rant aside ... What if that invisible cage was rebellion against God? That might have an effect on culture or environment. Let's take an absurdly simplistic literal analogy of Adam. Guess what Cain and Able, I had it made in the Garden of Eden but I screwed the pooch for all time. Be sure to let your posterity know.

I do question the "stained at birth" deal because what is the source of the stain exactly? Is it culture/environment or something else? Surely when the Lord formed man from dust and breathed life into him there wasn't any stain at that moment. The source of the stain can not logically be mere existence.

Could the source be a culture/environment of knowledge of good and evil? Let's just say it is for argument sake. Is a child to blame for any staining? I think not, yet a child is led to believe they are stained. Come here son, I want to stain you and give you a little knowledge of good and evil. For your own good of course. Shazam, now you are a sinner child, welcome to the club. But I did it for your own good!

I say let's not turn this whole staining deal around by confusing the shit out of kids making them believe there is something wrong with them by being born. Let's make sure we are assigning blame correctly. Forgive me of my sins child, I have given you knowledge of good and evil. All you can do now is decide what to do with this knowledge and determine if what I have told you is true, just, and right.

I have other thoughts on the whole is a thing good or evil in and of itself or does its use determine? Is a body good or evil in and of itself or is it how a body is used? Anyway, I just wanted to respond to your comment since you singled out Christians.