Comment: The other side of the story:

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The other side of the story:

The comprehensive plan for Baldwin County, Alabama, called Horizon 2025, was rejected by the Baldwin County Commission as a “massive land grab.” Additionally, Gov. Robert Bentley signed a law forbidding policies connected to Agenda 21, barring any private property confiscation without due process.

This decision drew strong criticism from the Smart Growth proponents who used psychological “projection” to paint Americans who are discovering the truth about Agenda 21 as right-wingers who see “smart” environmental planning as an “Agenda of Fear.”

"On Nov. 16, 2012, the entire nine-member Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Commission quit in protest and disgust after their masterwork was shot down."

Masterwork? The people on the County Planning Commission were within their rights to shoot it down.

The people simply didn't want Horizon 2025. I'm surprised Potok and Sunstein didn't call we who live in the South dumb hicks in this article. Or, maybe it was just implied.

1 for We the People, 0 for Potok and Sunstein.