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Wrong. What you are

Wrong. What you are describing is called bigotry or prejudice.

Collectivism is a form of social organization wherein rights are granted BY the governing body to their subjects, and may be removed at any time by said government by law.

It is the overarching view of a collectivist society that the group is more important than the individual, and this is the basis philosophy which justifies them in their minds of depriving individuals of their rights. Its always for the good of the collective (though in reality its for the good of the elite few).

Educate yourself:

It never fails to amaze me how many people around here do not understand what collectivism is and throw the term around incorrectly.

But lets get back to the actual point you're trying to make. Is it "prejudice" or "bigotry" of me to say that everyone who is a member of the mafia is culpable of being accomplice to crime? What if there are really fine and upstanding people in the mob who have never committed any actual crime? But by the very fact that their fellows are out beating, robbing and extorting while they sit idly by without trying to either stop it or disassociate themselves from it, are they not culpable for the crime committed by the organization they voluntarily joined and take a paycheck from?

Good cops watch their fellows commit crimes, and NEVER call them out. Most likely they don't want to loose their job as that's how deep the corruption goes in law enforcement. However if that's the case, they are being paid on a contract to enforce the law, and then breaching that contract with the public when they fail to move against corrupt or abusive cops. That means at the very least, every cop who does not take a stand against criminal cops is in breach of his contract and needs to be fired. Many need to be tried alongside the actual wrong-doers as accomplices for covering and shielding their criminal friends from justice.

Its very simple. When an organization is criminal, everyone who takes a payment from said organization is accomplice to it. Unconstitutional law enforcement in America is a criminal organization. Every police department who has ever had cops cage/shoot/beat anyone for victimless crimes (think drugs) is in violation of NAP and common law. Not to mention those multitudes of cops who are simply thugs engaging in direct robbery, assault and murder. Every cop who has ever allowed their fellows to do these things without attempting to put a stop to it, is in actuality perpetuating this criminal behavior in exchange for a paycheck, and is accomplice to the crimes committed.

This isn't "bigotry" or "prejudice." It sure the hell isn't "Collectivism." It is law.