Comment: I don't get it.

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I don't get it.

I enjoyed reading your post, and you bring up worthy points overall. However, I don't understand where your premise fits in. Is it rhetorical? Are you trying to prove it wrong [or right, or neither]. I don't see where the notion that "human nature is malleable" directly fits in to the other paragraphs. Perhaps you mean "human nature is to be malleable"? Yes, I'm groping here.

Does "chameleon nature" change as a chameleon is moved from sitting on brown bark to a green leaf?

I'm still groping to find the point of your presenting such a premise.

Oh, and please tweak this question to make it readable. It is presented as though it is important to you and the post in general. It remains unclear...
What if you put a man's mind in an invisible cage aggression is illegitimate?

The closest I can come to guessing what you meant by that is something like...
"What if you put a man's mind in an invisible cage? Is aggression then still illegitimate?"
...I'm just not confident though, that that is what you might have meant.