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You could

actually include Ron Paul in the same category, as he has been talking about hyperinflation for even longer, but they can't predict what kind of ponzi schemes the Rothschild International Banking Cabal will use to keep the Fed system afloat.

However, like Paul Craig Roberts has stated, their ponzi schemes with the metals market, bonds, dirivatives, QE false inflating stock prices, have all run their course. The rest of the World is moving away from the dollar, and their conflicts with Russia and China will bring the 'waterloo' for the petro dollar, that has been keeping the system on life support. Russia decided a few years ago, they paid their debt, and no longer want to play this game. China, on the other hand, has been stuck playing with much of our Manufacturers located in their country, and the massive debt they believed would strengthen their buying power. But, they too, have been working down their Fed debt buying and holdings, and seem to be working on alternatives with Russia and the Brics coalition. I still haven't heard anybody who knows for sure, if they thought they could bully Putin by overthrowing Ukraines elected government and get him to go along with the game, or this is a plan to 'kill' the dollar and blame Russia for WWIII. Only time will tell?