Comment: The dollar isn't going to

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The dollar isn't going to

The dollar isn't going to zero. To do so, by default, the Euro, Yen, Pound and other currencies that make up the basket (Dollar Index) would have to rise "to the moon"

What about Germany in the 1920s? Their currency did pretty much go to zero. In a span of two years the dollar went from being worth around 300 Marks to being worth 4+ trillion marks.

It has nothing to do with other currencies having to rise to the moon.

EVERYTHING will rise to the moon when priced in dollars, if the dollar crashes to zero or anywhere close to zero. Eggs, books, beer, houses, cars - literally everything will skyrocket in price. Not a skyrocket in value but price which is in dollars. By the time that happens most people will probably already be using alternative currencies or bartering.