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Its like you are trying to

Its like you are trying to explain simple shit too a child. I understand exchange rates, the dollar index, an how what you are saying doesn't matter. The dollar can fall relative to other currencies without those currencies falling relative to each other. You aren't a guru that is elementary shit. You haven't provided a single shred of evidence to back up your idiotic claim that the dollar can't fall because other currencies will have to rise.. yes rise relative too the dollar not to each other. The survey done by the bank of international settlements has fuckin nothing to do with chinas bilateral trade deals. They are with countries like austrailia, japan, russia, uk, brazil, india, iran.. you know big economies which is where the 50% of world economy are working on bilateral trade deals to bypass the dollar for trade with china. Some are just trial runs to see how well it works. The rembi is setting up the framework for settlement an swaps for trade. Central banks are holding rembi as foreign reserve currency. This doesn't mean the dollar isn't being used.. it means the framework to abandon it as an intermediary between international transactions is being implimented. I'm not going to provide any link what so ever.. a person who is a 'professional' should already know this shit.