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Dollar zero?

Yes DZ...Ron Paul wrote about it in 2006

But the dollar is still above 80 on the index.

It's not like I don't keep an eye on it. You wouldn't see real dollar trouble until we fell below 72 IMO. But we keep bouncing off the 78 level and with the world's largest military, I'll take the side of the dollar at present, even though it buys you less and less. So coupling it with some gold is the current trade, despite gold's current downtrend.

But Zero? Not likely anytime soon. The Fed can still print $15 trillion and throw it out there giving the economy some life. They already threw $9 trillion at it and the dollar didn't budge, but got stronger. I know this is lunacy, but you can't ignore it either. Eventually, and I am writing a book about it, the chickens come home to roost if things don't go as planned (when do they?) and before that occurs, I will have written my "all-in" article on gold.

Thanks for the reminder of Ron Paul's article.

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