Comment: College is a waste of time

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College is a waste of time

College is a waste of time and money unless you are studying to be a special professional, ie: doctor, architect, lawyer, etc

I dropped out of school at 14, had my own auto reconditioning business by the time I was 17, was making 50K a year by 18 ( this is in 1970 ), started smuggling weed from Colombia, cuba in the late 70's made millions before age 25 and a lifetime of memories, got caught lost everything then took a hobby and turned it into a lifes profession where the earnings are 6 figures, the first digit isn't 1.

Heh if I was a young man now? I'd be in Asia. That's where the big opportunities are now. If you haven't lived there full time ( I have in 2 different countries and traveled thruout the region ) you have no idea how wonderful it is for a young man specially if he's......

Somebody told me you need a college degree to get any kind of job nowadays and that he sends in resumes to which he never gets replies from the companies he wants. He's college educated and doesn't have a pot to piss in. Meanwhile another friend of mine started hustlinh tshirts and sportswear from hong kong when he was 19. By age 26 he was a national rep for the Korean company making half million a year. Babes? Like Elle' covers, all you want if you are..............( shhhhh can't say it )

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