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Goldspan, interesting...

Goldspan,funny how you view my suggestions for you to go write articles for Seeking Alpha as belittling. I'm serious. If you past their muster, then you will have many followers. Try making comments about articles written there first though and see if you pass the muster of those who you make comments to.

I wrote that comment on my Seeking Alpha author page about Seeking Alpha editors because they are biased against authors writing about "physical" gold and silver. But even before that I have battled with them since BEFORE they had a Gold and Precious metals category and have documented their biased replies for about 5 years now. I stopped writing articles for them because of this disagreement and everyone there who is an author knows this. But I have over 2400 comments on the site where I post most every day you that can sift through that most who frequent Seeking Alpha appreciate my point of view when you view their replies. It's ok that you don't. is down again the last couple days. I'm right. Should I be embarrassed? Should I not continue to write? If I don't write something, and I really don't come here that often and write articles, then perhaps Peter Schiff should stop doing videos because he's been wrong? Should he stop making videos? Should I stop writing comments on gold or economic data for Daily Paul because they upset you?

I don't care if people buy gold from me or not. I simply wait for the phone to ring. You'll notice there are no ads buy my own on my website. I could make more money by adding Google adsense. I could make a ton more money by selling numismatic coins and ripping people off like Goldline, Lear Capital, etc. I choose not to.

You say you are trying to write honest stuff, well, you never answered my questions. Where's the hyperinflation? Why are treasuries so strong? Why is the dollar rising since 2011? Should people just follow John Williams from Shadowstats blindly and believe it's gospel?

Just because I ask these questions to get you to think, doesn't mean I'm a Keynesian. And by the way, I have been to Lew Rockwell's Austrian Scholars conference in Auburn, AL and several of his Mises Circle events. I've also donated to Lew personally, and to Michael here as well as to Ron Paul.

I'll let you have the last word where you try and pinpoint who I am. Don't really have anything else that you'll appreciate to write at this point, but I'm sure your response will come off as "you're a keynesian!"

And yes, if you are going to write something on a public forum (your comment to LH that God forbid I replied in disagreement) then expect someone to reply if they disagree with you. That's part of life.

Good luck to you.

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